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Dr. Mariam Jamous, ND

Dr. Mariam Jamous is a naturopathic doctor who is very passionate and dedicated to helping her patient’s get to the root cause of their illnesses by focusing on creating very individualized treatment protocols designed specifically for each patient.

She strives in the face of challenge and is not a stranger to it, since she has been raising two boys, one of them with special needs.

Being a mother, Dr. Jamous really enjoys working with children and understands how to relate to them and make them feel comfortable. She is very patient, nurturing and in-tune with children’s needs. She also understands how to relate to adolescents, as she has raised two of them

About Us

Her passion also lead her to volunteer on a medical mission in Guatemala serving the less fortunate while seeing various challenging cases with the majority of them consisting of women and children, which really fired her up to want to help them get their health back on track.
She has strong communication skills and is fluent in French, English as well as Arabic, which allows her to see patients with an array of cultural backgrounds.
Her ultimate passion is to bring suffering patients back to a balanced state where they are comfortable and are able to live their lives to the fullest.

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Areas of focus include

Children and adolescents

  •  Learning disabilities
  •  Behavioral disorders
  •  Childhood obesity
  •  Common skin issues in childhood
  •  Immune support
  •  Acute care

Women’s Health

  •  Hormonal imbalances
  •  Weight management
  •  Chronic health concerns
    such as pain, allergies…etc
  •  Mental emotional health

Therapies used include

  •  B12 and other nutrient injections
  •  Acupuncture
    (with or without electro-stimulation)
  •  Cupping
  •  Spinal adjustments
  •  Nutrition and lifestyle modifications

And much more!